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Skin Flooding: What to know about this latest beauty trend.
Alchimie Forever's step-by-step guide to Skin Flooding.
Skin Cycling: What to know about this latest beauty trend.
Alchimie Forever's day-by-day guide to Skin Cycling, the latest skincare trend.
All You Need To Know About Ingrown Hairs And How To Avoid Them
Everything you need to know about ingrown hairs and how to prevent them.
5 Tips for Youthful Hands
Alchimie Forever's favorite tips to keep your hands looking youthful.
Spring Cleaning… Your Beauty Products
Make spring cleaning your beauty products easier with these helpful tips.
Ten Body Care Tips from Switzerland’s Leading Dermatologist
Alchimie Forever's founder, Dr. Luigi Polla, shares his top 10 full body care tips.
What to expect in 2022?
Here's looking at you 2022.  We expect to see more of these skin care trends in the coming year.
New Year, New You: Skin Care Commitments
Skin care commitments for all ages to kick off the new year.
The Best Morning and Evening Skin Care Routines
Get the most out of your skin care routine.
Have skin care, will travel!
Skin care travel tips for beauty on the go.
Uneven Pigmentation? Here Is What You Need To Know

You've got questions and we've got answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Skin Care Tips For Him
Helpful skin care tips for men.
Why Is Green Tea Good For My Skin?
Prevent and repair free radical damage with green tea.
Top 10 Body Care Tips
Summer body care tips.
Announcing Our New Product Launch: Kantic Light Clarifying Cream!
Meet the newest addition to our Kantic collection.
10 Tips For Spring Skin Care
Update your skin care for spring weather.
Why Is Rosemary Good For My Skin?
This potent antioxidant can be found in many of our products.
Why Is Jojoba Good For My Skin?
Your skin is going to fall in love.
Is My Skin Dry Or Dehydrated? And Does The Difference Matter?
Identify in order to properly address the problem.


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