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Our Founders

Alchimie Forever CEO Ada Polla smiling in black halter neck top





In 2004, daughter and co-creator of Alchimie Forever, Ada Polla set out to launch her family's Swiss based skincare line in the US. Today, the brand boasts global visibility and distribution, thanks to her focus and determination, which have yielded double-digit annual growth and garnered her several press-worthy opportunities to communicate her family’s knowledge and passion for the science of anti-aging skincare. Securing partnerships with exclusive spas, specialty boutiques, pharmacies, and online partners, Ada continues to share her family’s philosophy that healthy skin can be achieved by using clean and clinical skincare products.

Ada contributes to several industry magazines and speaks at top universities and leading industry conferences. She was featured on the cover of Business Week Small Biz and was one of the top five finalists nominated for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2011, the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship presented her with the Homegrown Entrepreneur Award.

Ada also has experience in consulting and product management expertise in the medical device industry. Her distinguished educational background includes a magna cum laude Bachelor of Arts in political science and art history at Harvard University followed by an MBA from Georgetown University.

Read Ada's blog here.

Favorite Products:

Advanced retinol serum

Pigment perfecting serum

Tightening eye gel 

Dr Luigi Polla picture smiling at the camera in white shirt





Father and world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Luigi Polla was the first medical doctor to introduce laser technology to Europe. His expertise in cosmetic treatments using lasers led him to the keen understanding that how a person looks is vitally important to their overall well-being. His earliest formulations were created for post-procedure and at-home care for his patients. These formulations marked the beginning of Alchimie Forever as skincare created to immediately treat sensitized skin and accentuate anti-aging benefits.

Dr. Polla specialized in dermatology during his medical studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Thereafter, he moved to Brussels, Belgium to broaden his experience in cutaneous allergies at Saint-Luc Hospital with Professor Jean-Marie Lachapelle. He then spent two years in Boston, MA gaining expertise in laser dermatology at the Wellman Laboratory, an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital with Professor Rox Anderson. Upon his return to Geneva in 1986, Dr. Polla opened a solo dermatology practice addressing the needs of children suffering from skin issues such as hemangiomas and port wine stains eventually leading to the use of pulsed dye laser technology in the aesthetic treatment of adults. In 1997, the spa made its transformation into the first fully integrated European medical day spa known as the Forever Institut.

Dr. Polla is the founder of the Swiss Society for Aesthetic Medicine, a board member of the Committee on the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology. Today, he continues to practice dermatology, both medical and cosmetic, at the Forever Institut. The spa supports Alchimie Forever as the foundation behind the brand’s new learning and discovery.

Favorite Products:

Skin repair gel

Kantic® Brightening moisture mask

Dry skin balm