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Knowledge is power and we love to share what we have learned over the years. Scroll below for our published papers on business management, product ingredients, beauty industry trends, anti-aging breakthroughs, and more.

Beauty's Post-Pandemic PR Playbook (Global Cosmetic Industry, July/August 2021)

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Regional Pharmacy Chains: A New Distribution Avenue for Beauty Brands? (Beauty Matter, January 2019)

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How to Build Your Beauty Dream Team, part 1 of a 3-part series. (Beauty Store Business Magazine, January 2018)

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Optimizing Your Distribution Strategy in Fast-changing Times (Global Cosmetic Industry, October 2017)

Beauty's Offline Future: Brick and mortar isn't dead; it's evolving (Global Cosmetic Industry, November 2017)

Replace the Signs of Aging: Learn the Science Behind Top Anti-Aging Ingredients (Beauty Store Business magazine, August 2017)

Finance Your Beauty Brand (Global Cosmetic Industry, September 2017)

If I Had To Do It Over: Defining Your Brand Story (Global Cosmetic Industry, March 2017)

Choosing The Right Beauty Care Manufacturer (Global Cosmetic Industry, June 2017)

Neill Corporation President Edwin H. Neill III Shares Key Success Factors For Hair Care Brands (BeautyMatter.com, November 2016)

5 Indie Trendsetters: Highlights From the Indie Beauty Expo (Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine, November 2016)

The power of probiotics in skin care: real science or imagined? (Beauty Store Business Magazine, April 2016)

Grow Your Own: Insights From Ada Polla, CEO of Alchimie Forever (BeautyMatter.com, September 2016)

Inflammation + Aging=Inflammaging(Beauty Store Business Magazine, January 2016)

Boost your brand buzz with vintage marketing (GCI, March 2016)

The elusive male beauty consumer (Beauty Store Business Magazine, September 2015)

What Great Sales People Say (Salon Today, April 2015)

PBA's 2015 Distributor Executive Conference (Beauty Store Business Magazine, July 2015)

The changing face of spa (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2015)

Understanding Stem Cells (Beauty Store Business Magazine, May 2015)

Teenage Skin Care (Beauty Store Business Magazine, June 2015)

Seeking the Perfect Complexion (GCI, March 2015)

Beauty Masks: Truth or Disguise? (Beauty Store Business Magazine, April 2015)

Skincare Devices (Beauty Store Business Magazine, January 2015)

Beauty Sleep: Myth or Necessity (Beauty Store Business Magazine, March 2015)

A Forum of Boutiques in North Carolina (Beauty Store Business Magazine, October 2014)

A Review of Retinoids (Beauty Store Business Magazine, November 2014)

Highlights from the WWD Beauty CEO Summit (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2014)

Cleansing, Exfoliating & When It's Too Much of Both (Beauty Store Business Magazine, September 2014)

The Spa Market as a Distribution Channel (GCI, May 2014)

Facial Oils: Liquid Gold or Greasy Nightmare? (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2014)

A Glimpse at 2014 from Beauty Trendsetters (GCI, January 2014)

Sunscreens for Today's Clients (Skin, Inc., January 2014)

Iron and Iron Chelators: A Review on Potential Effects on Skin Aging (Current Aging Science, December 2013)

The Nail Polish Effect (GCI, January 2014)

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The Synergy of Medical Spa Treatments and At-Home Skin Care (GCI, December 2013)

Am I Talking to Myself? (GCI, May 2013)

Marketing and Regulations (GCI, July/August 2013)

What Experts See for the Future (GCI, February 2013)

Penetration of Cosmetics into and through the Stratum Corneum (Cosmetics & Toiletries, February 2013)

The Changing Face of Beauty Distribution (GCI, March 2012)

New Perspectives in Beauty Retailing (GCI, September 2012)

Skin Science 101 (Skin, Inc., September 2011)

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All About Antioxidants (LiveSpa, Summer 2010)

How to Manage a Spa in Turbulent Times (Skin Inc., May 2009)

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