Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

Dr. Luigi Polla has been a renowned Swiss dermatologist leading the way in the field of cosmetic procedures long before founding Alchimie Forever. When he needed a post-procedure product that didn’t exist, he created it himself, using medically advanced ingredients and proven botanicals. This is the touchstone of our company.

In 1986, the now–internationally renowned Dr. Polla opened his practice in Geneva, Switzerland. He was the first dermatologist to offer pulsed dye laser technology to treat children suffering from port-wine stains and hemangiomas. Parents brought their children from near and far to have Dr. Polla erase these debilitating birthmarks, an endeavor that required numerous treatments.

In the earlier years, his daughter Ada worked at the front desk, and would see these young patients coming out in tears after their treatments—as these new lasers created a burning sensation, redness and inflammation. Ada and her father’s hearts would break, despite the success of the procedures.

Unable to find the right product to ease their pain and help them heal, Dr. Polla used his medical expertise to come up with his own formula. He would send the families to a neighborhood pharmacy with a compounding prescription, the pharmacist would whip up this “magical” product, and the child would stop crying. The cream’s botanical ingredients also smelled so good that the mothers started using it, and asked for more. “It makes my skin glow,” they would say. So we ended up “pre-making” the product and offering it to anyone who asked.

Ultimately, Dr. Polla’s practice made its transformation into the first fully integrated European medical day spa, known as the Forever Institut. And that first product he created is now known as our Kantic® Brightening Moisture Mask. Originally meant to help children post-procedure, it birthed an entire line of clinically proven, “clean” skin care, strongly based in medical science. The Kantic® Mask is one of the signature products of the Alchimie Forever® brand, which was created by Ada Polla—now our CEO.

Before this mask had a name, it had a loyal following.
Before we had a brand, we had skin care solutions.
Before we had a business, we had a mission.


We believe that your skin is the mirror of your soul, and that taking care of it daily, effectively, gently, is essential to your self care. Looking good…means feeling good…means doing good.

Building on the heritage of our Swiss medical aesthetic institute, we make clean skin care products that provide visible results and nourish the skin. We do this by creating an alchemy of pioneering dermatological advances combined with safe and effective botanicals…and a touch of magic. Our family business stands for excellence in everything we do.

Our motto: Self care through skin care. Forever.

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Our Vision

Scientific integrity is at the heart of Alchimie Forever®. Based on decades of medical practice, we have found that healthy, youthful looking skin can be achieved using safe, effective botanicals combined with safe, effective lab-made ingredients. Our formulations utilize the latest in Alchimie Antioxidant Technology, supporting visible results for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Clean formulations. Clinical results.

Our Commitment

As a family owned and operated business, we promise the benefits of a privately owned company with the professionalism of a larger corporation. It is as simple as giving our customers a personal touch in every experience. Always. We call it the Forever Commitment.