Clinical Results

Clinical Results

So we’ve shared how we define cleanat Alchimie Forever®. But clean formulations must come with results…

The Alchimie Forever® skin care line is designed to solve both immediate and long-term skin concerns. Combining the standards of Swiss quality with the most potent anti-aging ingredients and botanicals, Alchimie Forever® products provide visible results for all skin types, and a calm, bright complexion for even the most sensitive skin.

Our very first product, the Kantic® Brightening Moisture Mask, was originally devised by Dr. Luigi L. Polla out of a post-procedure medical need for his pediatric patients. (Read about that here.) Not only are our formulations medically based and dermatologist-founded, our founder is also the top dermatologist in Switzerland, as well as the founder of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Our proprietary Alchimie Antioxidant Technology is the result of decades of scientific research specific to antioxidants, and clinical experience focused on how skin ages.

Alchimie Forever® products for face and body combine the most powerful natural antioxidants (such as flavonoids, vitamins, iron chelators, and inducers of stress proteins) with potent lab-made molecules (such as retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid). These carefully chosen botanical antioxidants and synthetic molecules have complementary effects that correct and prevent the appearance of signs of skin aging, leaving the skin healthier and younger looking.


Our formulations are certified through third-party testing and substantiated through biomedical research and clinical studies.

We control the entire production chain: from product concept to the selection of ingredients, the formulation for the production, the analysis, the quality controls, the packaging, and making sure proper testing is done. Our products are stable, hypoallergenic, and especially suited to sensitive skin. They are never tested on animals, nor are the ingredients.

Our scientific team, members of whom are at the heart of our product development and ingredient selection, regularly publish in trade and scientific journals. Read some of it here. Scientific integrity has always been one of our core values.

In a 4-week study of the Alchimie Forever® Kantic® Light Clarifying Cream, the results were unanimous. All 20 participants reported that the product effectively reduced blemishes caused by oil and skin cells in the pores (comedones) and provided excellent skin tolerance.

100% of participants gave the product a “favorable” rating; purchase intention rate was 100%, and satisfaction rate was 100%.

In an independent lab study on the immediate firming effects of our Firming Gel for Neck and Bust, a group of women aged 30–65 had a measured amount of the product applied to the skin. An hour after application, the results were tallied using an elastometer (which uses quantitative methodology called succion to measure skin firmness). The areas treated with the gel increased in firmness significantly (by 10% on average) after a single application, evidence of clinically proven firmer-looking skin.

Learn a bit more about our founder, Dr. Luigi Polla, and his daughter Ada Polla—our CEO.