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Published Papers

The Alchimie Forever Team contributes regularly to a number of reviews, on various topics: from business management to the cosmetics industry: its trends and properties of the skin concerning different ingredients used. Their vast knowledge and ability to popularize discourse that is often technical are particularly appreciated.

If I Had To Do It Over: Defining Your Brand Story (Global Cosmetic Industry, March 2017)

Neill Corporation President Edwin H. Neill III Shares Key Success Factors For Hair Care Brands (, November 2016)

Grow Your Own: Insights From Ada Polla, CEO of Alchimie Forever (, September 2016)

Getting to Know Dr. Raj, Founder of TULA (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2016)

Exfoliation: An Overview (Beauty Store Business Magazine, July 2016)

The Role of Inflammation in Skin Aging (Spa Standard, June 2016)

Skincare Myths Debunked (Beauty Store Business Magazine, May 2016)

The power of probiotics in skin care: real science or imagined? (Beauty Store Business Magazin, April 2016)

Boost your brand buzz with vintage marketing (GCI, March 2016)

Toners, Mists, Serums & Essences (Beauty Store Business Magazine, March 2016)

Antioxidants and Free Radicals: A Simple Explanation (Spa Standard, March 2016)

Encouraging Therapists and Technicians to Sell Retail (Spa Standard, February 2016)

Spa & Salon Vendor Relations - Choosing the Right Product Lines for Your Business (Spa Standard, February 2016)

Three C's of Spa and Sales Social Media (Spa Standard, February 2016)

Inflammation + Aging = Inflammaging (Beauty Store Business Magazine, January 2016)

Industry M&A Activity Heats Up (Beauty Store Business Magazine, October 2015)

The elusive male beauty consumer (Beauty Store Business Magazine, September 2015)

The changing face of spa (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2015)

PBA's 2015 Distributor Executive Conference (Beauty Store Business Magazine, July 2015)

Teenage Skin Care (Beauty Store Business Magazine, June 2015)

Understanding Stem Cells (Beauty Store Business Magazine, May 2015)

Beauty Masks: Truth or Disguise? (Beauty Store Business Magazine, April 2015)

Seeking the Perfect Complexion (GCI, March 2015)

Beauty Sleep: Myth or Necessity (Beauty Store Business Magazine, March 2015)

Skincare Devices (Beauty Store Business Magazine, January 2015)

A Review of Retinoids (Beauty Store Business Magazine, November 2014)

A Forum of Boutiques in North Carolina (Beauty Store Business Magazine, October 2014)

Cleansing, Exfoliating & When It's Too Much of Both (Beauty Store Business Magazine, September 2014)

Highlights from the WWD Beauty CEO Summit (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2014)

Facial Oils: Liquid Gold or Greasy Nightmare? (Beauty Store Business Magazine, August 2014)

The Spa Market as a Distribution Channel (GCI, May 2014)

Sunscreens for Today's Clients (Skin, Inc., January 2014)

A Glimpse at 2014 from Beauty Trendsetters (GCI, January 2014)

Looking Ahead: 2014 Skincare Trends (Beauty Business Store Magazine, January 2014)

The Nail Polish Effect (GCI, January 2014)

Iron and Iron Chelators: A Review on Potential Effects on Skin Aging (Current Aging Science, December 2013)

The Synergy of Medical Spa Treatments and At-Home Skin Care (GCI, December 2013)

Formulating a Day Cream with SPF: A Case Study (In Dayan N (ed.), Apply topically: a practical guide to formulating topical application. c Allured books, 2013)

2013: The Year in Review (Beauty Store Business, December 2013)

Mass Beauty Retail Trends (GCI, September 2013)

Skincare Spotlight (Beauty Store Business, August 2013)

Marketing and Regulations (GCI, July/August 2013)

Am I Talking to Myself? (GCI, May 2013)

Penetration of Cosmetics into and through the Stratum Corneum (Cosmetics & Toiletries, February 2013)

What Experts See for the Future (GCI, February 2013)

New Perspectives in Beauty Retailing (GCI, September 2012)

The Changing Face of Beauty Distribution (GCI, March 2012)

Controversial Ingredients: Setting the Record Straight (Skin, Inc., February 2012)

Controversial Ingredients: One Brand Perspective (GCI, December 2011)

Natural Antioxidants and their Effects on the Skin (In Dayan N, Kromidas L (ed.), Formulating, packaging and marketing of natural cosmetic products.c Wiley, 2011)

Skin Science 101 (Skin, Inc., Septmeber 2011)

Cosmetic Applications of Stem Cells (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, September 2010)

All About Antioxidants (LiveSpa, Summer 2010)

How Social Media Can Help Your Spa (Skin, Inc., September 2010)

Parabens (Aesthetic Magazine, February 2010)

Top 5 Skincare Myths (LiveSpa, Summer 2009)

How to Manage a Spa in Turbulent Times (Skin Inc., May 2009)

Male Spa Trends (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, May 2009)

Cellular Recovery (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, April 2009)

Skin Wise (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, November 2008)

The Penetration Question (Pulse Magazine, November 2008)

Rejuvenation: Is It Ever Too Early to Start? (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, September 2008)

The Stratum Corneum: A Double Paradox (J Cosmet Dermatol, June 2008)

Educating Clients on Advanced Aesthetics and Medical Options (Dermascope, June 2008)

Acne Treatment Gel Proves Promising (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, May 2008)

Antioxidants are In! (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, May 2008)

Reach: Impact On the US Cosmetics Industry (J Cosmet Dermatol, March 2008)

China: The Next Frontier (Skin, Inc, November 2007)

Present et Futur des Antioxydants dans la Prevention de Vieillissement Cutane (J Med Esth et Chir Derm, 2007)

Defining a Medical Spa and a Medical Spa Menu (Canadian Medical Spas, Summer 2007)

Iron as a Key Skin Aging Accelerator (Spa Canada, Summer 2007)

Laser Physics 101 (Laser Physics, Dermascope, July 2007)

Facial Resurfacing Methods (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, April 2007)

Quand la Limite Inferieure est Celle a Atteindre: L'Exemple du Fur (Biofutur, February 2007)

The Amazing Blueberry (Skin, Inc., February 2007)

The Joy of Customer Satisfaction (Spa Canada, January/February 2007)

Top 10 Skincare Myths(SPSSCS Newsletter, Winter 2007)

When Was the Last Time You Went to the Spa? (Spa Canada, November/December 2006)

Life & Work Balance (Canadian Medical Spas Magazine, Fall 2006)

Mesobotox (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, October 2006)

The Top Ten Myths of Skin Care (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, July 2006)

The Iron Age (Skin, Inc., May 2006)

Mesotherapy: An Overview of the Treatments and Controversies (Dermascope Online, May 2006)

In Defense of Good-Smelling Skincare (SPSSCS Newsletter, Spring 2006)

Creating an Integrated Team of Medical Doctors and Para-Medical Therapists (Canadian Medical Spas, Spring 2006)

Creating a Front Desk Team that Works (Spa Canada Magazine, March 2006)