What to expect in the New Year?

Alchimie Forever "Love the skin you're in." Here's looking at you 2022.  These are some skin care trends we expect to be in the spotlight over the coming year.

We enter this New Year with optimism, focusing on happiness, health (skin and otherwise), and productivity. As we look ahead, here are our predictions for this year’s key skin care trends. 

A continued focus on self care. 

There’s a reason why airlines recommend you put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone… and this should be true of self care as well. Take care of yourself first, before you take care of anyone else. Fill your own cup to then best provide for others. Self care will continue to be a focus in the beauty and wellness industries – ranging from healthy eating habits, regular exercise at home or outdoors, and proper skin care habits. Self care through skin careTM. 

With that, a renewed focus on body care. 

This year, we predict the body will return as a focus point. Neck and bust care, hand and foot care, soft and nourishing body creams will make a return, as we realize that our bodies are our first and forever homes.

An even greater (and slightly different) focus on sustainability. 

The beauty industry has been working toward sustainability for a long time. At Alchimie Forever, we have been gradually transitioning all of our boxes to FSC-certified paper, reducing our box sizes whenever possible, moving to sugarcane plastic, and overall watching our carbon footprint. This year, the focus on sustainability will shift to multi-tasking products and concentrated formulations – two aspects of skin care that reduce waste as you consume less products, and your products last longer. 

More celebrity beauty brands. 

Do we really need more celebrity beauty brands? We’re not sure… but we are pretty sure more are (still) coming! We believe there is enough skin in this world for all brands. And we also believe that the best skin care comes from dermatologists and skin care professionals (have you met our founder Dr. Luigi L. Polla, Switzerland’s leading dermatologist? If not, read on here). 

A continued focus on mental health and wellbeing. 

Most importantly, while we humans are resilient, we are also fragile. Mental health and wellbeing will continue to be discussed at all levels of society, including in the beauty industry. It is easier to look good when you feel good – and as we have always said, it is easier to feel good when you look good. Taking time for yourself, in whichever manner you choose (extra pampering in the bathroom, a tea break with a friend, a workout, a therapy session), is essential. Looking good, means feeling good, means doing good. Take care of yourself every day. 

Alchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining ScrubAlchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining Scrub


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