5 Tips for Youthful Hands

Don't let your hands show your age.  Here are Alchimie Forever's favorite tips for youthful hands.

As our Founder Dr. Luigi L. Polla likes to say, “hands are your second face.” Our hands are as exposed to the elements as our faces… yet how many products do you use on your hands versus your face? 

The skin of our hands is thin and delicate, and impacted by our focus on hygiene (hello dryness from frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer), weather (UV rays and cold temperatures impact the back of our hands equally), and of course aging (loss of volume, crepey skin).

Here are some tips to ensure your hands age as graceful as your face (and never give away your age!). 

  1. Always use mild soaps when washing your hands, and always apply a hydrating cream immediately after washing. 
  2. Protect your hands from UV rays and brown spots. Rub any excess face moisturizer with SPF on the back of your hands. 
  3. Protect your hands from wind and cold temperatures by always wearing gloves outside during the winter months. 
  4. Wear latex gloves when using cleaning products such as dish soap, which usually contain detergent ingredients that work great on dish grease, but by the same token strip your skin of its natural moisture. 
  5. Consider hyaluronic injections if the loss of collagen truly bothers you (performed exclusively by a skin care professional, of course!).

Don’t let your hands give away your age! Add our Dry Skin Balm to your daily routine today. It even comes in travel / trial size, which is perfect for your purse or your car – no excuses!  

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