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How We Minimize Our Carbon Footprint
April 22 is Earth Day, April is Earth Month. But to us, respecting our planet and minimizing our footprint is something we think about year-round. We think about it in terms of our office procedures, our manufacturing best practices, and our overall way of life.
Announcing Our New Product Launch: Kantic Light Clarifying Cream!
The Alchimie Forever family is growing! We are so excited to announce the arrival of our newest moisturizer, our Kantic Light Clarifying Cream.
10 Tips For Spring Skin Care
Just as we did when cooler weather arrived, it is important to reassess skin care regimens and products, and make some adjustments as the weather warms, and we say goodbye to Winter.
Why Is Rosemary Good For My Skin?
Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is good in tomato sauce, but even better in skin care formulations! While it is often used in essential oil form (which can be sensitizing), we used it in various products in the form of leaf extract (Rosemarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract), which makes it safe for all skin types, including sensitive.
Why Is Jojoba Good For My Skin?
If you’re looking for an ingredient that is nourishing and balancing, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, look no further, and meet Jojoba. Here are eight reasons why your skin is going to fall in love with Jojoba.
‘Tis The Season For Self Love And Self Care!

While every month should be self care month… self love comes to the forefront in February, Valentine’s Day month. As Andre Gide says, “Loving yourself isn’t vanity – it’s sanity.” Here are some of our favorite self care tips. 

Is My Skin Dry Or Dehydrated? And Does The Difference Matter?
While dry skin and dehydrated skin may sound like they are the same thing, they are not. Here is the difference: dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks oil.
Why Are Some Of Our Products Called Kantic?

When we launched Alchimie Forever, we wanted to highlight our founder’s pioneering role in the field of laser technology. Indeed, Dr. Luigi L. Polla was the first physician to use lasers for dermatological concerns in Europe. As such, all of our products initially had laser-related names. 

Top 10 New Year’s Self Care And Skin Care Resolutions
‘Tis the time of year to think about goals resolutions… and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your skin care, self care, and wellness in the New Year.
Why Is Papaya Good For My Skin?

Papaya is a fruit that grows on the Carica papaya L. plant and is native to Central America. It is most widely know for the proteolytic enzymes it contains, including papain, which helps to dissolve dead skin cells. 

10 Tips On How To Choose The Right Moisturizer

Most of us use a moisturizer, but how do you know which one to choose? The basic rule of thumb is that you should choose your moisturizer based on your skin type. Here is all you need to know on how to find the perfect moisturizer for you. 

Should I Be Double Cleansing?
Anyone can benefit from double cleansing. But what is it exactly? Double cleansing means cleansing twice, with two different types of cleansers, in the evening. Typically, the first cleanser is an oil or cream cleanser, and the second cleanser is a gel cleanser. 
The Best Skin Care Routine For Every Age
Your skin care routine should not be the same in your 20s as it is in your 40s. Just as you do, your skin evolves and changes over the years, and the products you use should as well. Here’s our guide to the best skin care routine at every age. 
Inflammaging: What Is The Role Of Inflammation In Aging?
Inflammation + aging = inflammaging. In other words, chronic, low-grade inflammation leads to accelerated signs of aging in our bodies – and in our skin. 
10 Tips For Skin Care In Dryer Months
The changing of seasons and the arrival of cooler, dryer weather is a perfect opportunity to relook at your skin care products and regimens, and make some adjustments. 
The Product That Started It All

The Alchimie Forever story started with our Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask.This product has received many accolades and is an editor favorite – one magical product for perfect skin. 

Get To Know Our CEO, Ada Polla
In honor of our CEO’s upcoming birthday (October 19), we wanted to share some of our favorite factoids about her.
We Take Care Of Your Skin… And Of Our Planet. Learn More About Our Sustainability Practices.
Our mission is to create amazing skin care products that will help your skin look and feel its best, no matter your age. As we take care of your skin, we also strive to take care of our planet. Learn more about our sustainability practices. 
Why Is Red Clover Good For My Skin?
While red clover (aka Trifolium pratense) may not be as well-known an ingredient in skin care as say, green tea or grape see extracts, this plant has amazing antioxidant benefits to help maintain the youthful and plump appearance of the skin.
Do I Really Need To Exfoliate My Skin And If So How Often?

Exfoliation is an essential step in a healthy skin care regimen. It will reveal brighter skin, and it will make all of your other products work better. Read more to learn how and how often to exfoliate. 


How Can I Get A More Even, Brighter Complexion?
Most of us get dark spots. Some call them sun spots, some call them age spots. What we mean are spots on our faces and bodies that are more pigmented than our base complexion. And yes, this happens regardless of skin tone. 
Alchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining ScrubAlchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining Scrub


Paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free.