How We Minimize Our Carbon Footprint

April 22nd is Earth Day, April is Earth Month. But to us, respecting our planet and minimizing our footprint is something we think about year-round. We think about it in terms of our office procedures, our manufacturing best practices, and our overall way of life. We shared some of our best practices in a previous blog post, here are some updates and more ideas as you think about what you can do to honor Mother Earth. 

In our office 

  • We replaced our incandescent light bulbs with LED lights – they last longer, meaning we change them less often and create less trash. 
  • We follow Mom’s advice and turn the lights of whenever we leave a room. 
  • We replaced individual water bottles with a water cooler – and we all BYOB (bring our own water bottles)! 
  • We minimize paper and printing as much as possible, using digital communication almost exclusively – except when sending thank you notes. 

In our warehouse 

  • On those very rare occasions someone wishes to return a product, we almost never ask for it to be shipped back to us. We would just throw it away anyway and returning it would require additional packaging and energy use for transportation. So instead, we suggest you gift that product that didn’t work for your skin to a friend or family member. 
  • We are transitioning to 100% paper and recyclable padded mailers for our smaller shipments. This means less inner packaging (which for us is already paper and never peanuts), and lighter weights to ship (which require less energy for transportation). 


  • Our founder has always been against straws because they make lip lines worse… their environmental impact is just another reason to avoid them! 

Happy Earth Month!

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