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    So what does “Kantic® mean? Kantic® is a “misspelling” of the French word Quantique (we liked the K and the C), which translates as quantum. It comes from quantum physics, which studies how atoms and particles behave, including in the field of lasers.

    This is true to our heritage and to the pioneering role our founder, Dr. Luigi L. Polla played in the field of laser technology. He was the first to introduce lasers for use in dermatology in Europe back in the mid-1980s!

    Among so many other lasers-related words, Dr. Polla felt most connected with the word “Kantic®, and loved the idea of using it as a part of the product name, therefore forming our best-selling Kantic® collection of products:
    1. Kantic® Light Clarifying Cream
    2. Kantic® Brightening moisture mask
    3. Kantic® Calming cream
    4. Kantic® Intensely nourishing cream
        All three products in this collection share the following benefits and are perfect for all skin types:
        • Anti-aging and antioxidant
        • Nourishing and hydrating
        • Calming and soothing
        • Anti-redness and anti-irritation
          For a full story behind the word Kantic® in our brand verbiage, you can read our CEO’s blog or watch our YouTube video! Enjoy!  
          Kantic® Light Clarifying Cream Image Link
          Kantic® Light Clarifying Cream
          Kantic® Light Clarifying Cream
          Kantic® Brightening Moisture Mask Image Link
          Think Dirty Choice Awards winner - Voted Best Face Mask 2023 - Alchimie Forever Kantic® Brightening moisture mask
          Kantic® Brightening moisture mask
          Kantic® Calming Cream Image Link
          Kantic® Calming cream
          Kantic® Calming cream
          Kantic+® Nourishing Cream Image Link
          Kantic+® Nourishing cream
          Kantic+® Nourishing cream