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Why Are Some Of Our Products Called Kantic?

Why Are Some Of Our Products Called Kantic?

When we launched Alchimie Forever, we wanted to highlight our founder’s pioneering role in the field of laser technology: Dr. Luigi L. Polla was the first physician to use lasers for dermatological concerns in Europe. As such, all of our products initially had laser-related names. 

More than a decade later, Kantic is the only laser-related name that remains, forming the the Kantic collection of products:

So what does Kantic mean? Kantic is a “misspelling” of the French word Quantique (we liked the K and the C), which translates as quantum. It comes from quantum physics, which studies how atoms and particles behave, including in the field of lasers, and is the link to our founder’s role in the history of lasers for use in dermatology.

You can learn more by watching the video below:

And you heard it here first… we will be launching the newest addition to the Kantic collection later this Spring!