Esthetician Spotlight: Tisha Calderon-Vines

National Esthetician Day: Celebrating the beauty of skin care and the experts behind the glow.

In honor of National Esthetician Day, we wanted to spotlight one of our local estheticians, Tisha Calderon-Vines. She is the Shop Educator at Heyday’s newest regional location, in DC’s 14th Street neighborhood. Our CEO Ada recently experienced a facial under her most capable hands, which featured both our Brightening Peel and Heyday’s enhancement Nanoinfusion – and her skin is still glowing!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you work today, and how you got there.

Esthetician Spotlight for Tisha Calderon-Vines
Esthetician Spotlight for Tisha

“My name is Tisha, and I work as a Shop Educator at Heyday Skincare in Washington, DC. I have been working as an esthetician since 2015 and started my career at a high-end spa where I offered various services. These days, I focus on educating new estheticians and providing facials to clients. Being a Shop Educator allows me to showcase the beauty of esthetics to others while also maintaining my client list. As someone in the beauty industry for quite some time, my current role is the perfect balance of both worlds.

If you want to know a little about me that isn't esthetics related (wink wink), I am a mom of two girls, a wife, and a cat mom! I love good food, cooking, and a good laugh!”

What made you decide to become an esthetician?

“After working as a body piercer for a few years, I realized I wasn't passionate about it. I have always been fascinated by the human body and wanted to pursue a career in a field that allowed me to explore this interest. That's when I discovered aesthetics and knew it was the perfect fit. I am deeply passionate about aesthetics and take great pride in my work. I am grateful to be able to do this every day, and I consider it a true luxury to love going to work.”

What does National Esthetician Day mean to you?

“National Esthetician Day holds a special place in my heart because aesthetics is a niche field many people are unaware of. Estheticians play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our skin and mental well-being. We also lend a non-judgmental ear to those who may not have that support daily.”

What is your favorite part about being an esthetician?

“I enjoy connecting with people! It has been one of the key factors contributing to my career success so far. I genuinely take pleasure in getting to know my clients and learning more about them. Additionally, I love working with skin - it allows me to have great conversations with my clients while providing them with the best skincare services possible.”

What is your worst pet peeve as an esthetician?

“It’s frustrating when home care is ignored. You can't just visit the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and expect to have perfect teeth without brushing and flossing them regularly. Similarly, clients must follow our homecare recommendations to maintain healthy skin. I am limited in what I can do during a one-hour visit if you aren't caring for your skin between appointments.”

If you had one skin recommendation for every guest to follow, what would it be?

“Remember to wear SPF year-round, even if you don't go outside, as UVA rays can penetrate through your windows. I say this several times a day and will continue to do so.”

To learn more about Tisha and see what her day to day looks like, follow her on Instagram at You can book a facial with her here.

We wish Tisha, and all of you fabulous estheticians out there, a wonderful National Estheticians’ Day. Of course, in our mind, every day is National Esthetician Day…

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