Alchimie Forever… What Does Our Name Mean?

Alchimie (pronounced al-shee-mee) is the French word for alchemy. And alchemy is very much at the heart of our skin care philosophy. Specifically: 

  • Alchemy is the medieval science that became chemistry. And how can you formulate skin care products without chemistry, without labs, without clinical studies? There can be no skin care without science.
  • Alchemy is also part magic. The Alchemists were involved in such mystical pursuits as transforming lead into gold and finding the stone of eternal youth (both endeavors somehow related to beauty and youth). And skin care is indeed part magic…
  • The Alchemists were also among the first to identify plants as having healthful benefits. And potent botanicals are at the core of our formulations.

We also love this name because:

  • It starts with A (first letter of the alphabet, A like our CEO's first name Ada, who knows…). 
  • The word Forever links our brand to Forever Institut, the medical spa our skin care brand was born in. 
  • Our name is bilingual. Alchimie is French (elegant, Swiss, international), and Forever is English (universal, American, approachable). 

So yes, our brand name is hard to pronounce, and hard to spell – and now you know why: sciencemagic, and powerful botanicals!  

Alchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining ScrubAlchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining Scrub


Paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free.