Ten Body Care Tips from Switzerland’s Leading Dermatologist

Alchimie Forever's founder, Dr. Luigi Polla, shares his top 10 body care tips.

While our Founder, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, treats mostly faces, his patient consultations always include a discussion of body care, as a reminder that we are, indeed, more than “just our faces.” Here are his top ten body care tips for heathy, youthful-looking skin from head to toe.

  1. First things first: Get an annual full body exam from a dermatologist to check your moles and detect and prevent skin cancer. 
  2. Avoid very hot water in your bath or shower as it strips the skin of its natural oils and has a drying effect. 
  3. Treat your neck and chest as an extension of your face. Use both products (including SPF) and invest in treatments, as these delicate areas are exposed to the environment almost as much as our face is. 
  4. Sleep on your back (even for parts of the night) to minimize chest wrinkles (and face wrinkles). 
  5. Avoid tanning beds or sun lamps (as you avoid the sun). 
  6. Care for your hands. “Your hands are your second face,” Dr. Polla likes to say. Again, invest both in a good hand cream and in the right professional treatments when the time is right. 
  7. Care for your feet. A deeply nourishing cream with anti-inflammatory (read anti-pain) properties is ideal to use daily.
  8. Find the right hair removal method for your skin type and prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs with the right home care
  9. Exfoliate, but never over do it. Help cellular turnover and avoid rough skin with a weekly body scrub, or dry brushing at home treatment. 
  10. Find your body cream soulmate and use it daily. Few things age you as much as dry, crepey body skin. 
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