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As we turn our focus this month to Fathers and Father Figures, here are some helpful skin care tips for male skin. 

Do you ever wonder if, and if so how, men’s skin is different from women’s? It is indeed! Here are some ways men’s skin differs from women’s: 

  1. Men have more hair follicles on their face – hence facial hair and shaving. 
  2. Men have thicker skin – literally. This is due to higher levels of testosterone. 
  3. The texture of male skin tends to be rougher than women’s. 
  4. Sebum production is higher in male skin (due to androgen secretions), which is why men typically have oilier skin (and often, more challenges with long-lasting acne). 
  5. Male skin has a higher collagen density than female skin. (Lucky men!)

So yes, it is possible that men age more gracefully than women – but not without the right skin care regimen! Here are some of our top skin care tips for him. 

  1. For those men who shave daily, this creates a mild exfoliation of the skin, which can help products penetrate more effectively, but also can lead to inflammation and irritation. Using a soothing after shave product to minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs is essential, and our Skin Repair Gel is just perfect daily! 
  2. While male skin is oilier than female skin, hydration remains important, in particular with age. A lightweight cream like the Kantic Light Clarifying Cream is formulated for oilier skin types, including for men, and our Protective Day Cream SPF23 is the perfect alternative if you are looking for sun protection. 
  3. A good daily cleanse will keep pores clean and as tight as possible. Our Purifying Gel Cleanser is perfect every morning or evening. 
  4. The eye contour will always give your age away, regardless of gender. Our Tightening Eye Gel is lightweight in texture, and perfect to minimize under-eye bags and puffiness. 
  5. Finally, hands and feet must always be well cared for. Our  Dry Skin Balm is perfect to use throughout the day, leaving your skin soft, but not greasy feeling. 
Alchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining ScrubAlchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask and Gentle Refining Scrub

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