Should I Be Double Cleansing?

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The short answer is yes, anyone can benefit from double cleansing. But what is it exactly? Double cleansing means cleansing twice, with two different types of cleansers, in the evening. Typically, the first cleanser is an oil or cream cleanser, and the second cleanser is a gel cleanser. 

The first cleanse will help to break up makeup and excess sebum on the skin, while the second cleanse will remove any impurities and left-over product. The result is perfectly cleansed, fresh skin, ready to absorb your evening treatment products. 

How to double cleanse:

  1. Massage your oil or cream cleanser on dry skin, focusing on the areas with extra makeup. Do this in gentle, circular, upward motions. 
  2. Rinse with lukewarm water, do not dry your skin. 
  3. Lather your gel cleanser on your wet skin, again using gentle, circular, upward motions. 
  4. Rinse clean with lukewarm water, gently pat your skin dry. 

Your skin is now ready to receive your evening treatment products. 

This double cleanse should take about a minute or two, you can spend between 30 and 60 seconds on each cleanser. 

Our recommendation for which cleansers to use: 

  1. Lait nettoyant douceur for the first cleanse. 
  2. Purifying gel cleanser for the double cleanse. 

Buy both and save! 

Depending on your skin type and how much makeup you wear, you can perform this double cleanse treatment every evening, or a couple evenings per week. 

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