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Red clover: is it good for my skin?

Red clover: is it good for my skin?

While red clover (aka Trifolium pratense) may not be as well-known an ingredient in skin care as say, green tea or grape see extracts, this plant has amazing antioxidant benefits to help maintain the youthful and plump appearance of the skin. 

Indeed, red clover is particularly concentrated in plant estrogen, also known as isoflavones, which improve the skin in numerous ways, including by stimulating collagen content, increasing the skin’s thickness, and improving the skin’s moisture levels. 

Specifically, our Kantic+ Intensely nourishing cream is highly concentrated in red clover extract. As such, this moisturizer is ideal if you wish to increase your skin’s natural collagen production (aka minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles), if you are looking for deep hydration, and also if you are looking to improve your skin’s barrier function. 

And while this cream is particularly loved by women going through menopause, it is safe for all ages, and can be used by men. Remember that isoflavones are plant estrogen – not human estrogen. So you get all of the skin benefits of plant estrogen without any “hormone replacement” effect. 

Watch this video to learn more why celebrity makeup artist, Gucci Westman loves to use our Kantic+ intensely nourishing cream to treat rosacea prone skin.