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How Do You Keep Your Eye Contour Area Looking Youthful?

How Do You Keep Your Eye Contour Area Looking Youthful?

Our Founder, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, loves to say "if you are old enough to drink, you are old enough for a good eye cream." The eye contour is typically the first area that starts showing signs of skin aging, because the skin is thinnest (thus the most delicate), and because of the constant movements the eyes make (blinking, crinkling during laughs, and more). So good eye contour care is key.

Here is a breakdown of how I take care of this essential area.

  • Apply our Tightening Eye Gel every morning. The caffeine and apple stem cells tighten and lift, and open the eyes. This is like a shot of espresso for you eye contour. Say goodbye to the look of fatigue. 
  • Apply our Baume rajeunissant contour des yeux in the evening, for hydration and anti-dark circle effects (thanks to the European blueberry extract and the Vitamin K found in alfalfa).

Both of these are applied gently (no need for more tugging in this area) with your ring finger (the weakest of our fingers). Watch this video to find out which eye product is right for you.