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Professional photoshoot? No problem!

There are so many things I love about working with my sisters, the list is too long for a blog post. Very near the top of the list, however, is the fact that we do “sister photoshoots,” like the one we just did this week at the Lausanne Beau-Rivage Palace for OPEN Magazine. Over the years, we have gotten better at taking better pictures. It’s not always easy to get four girls to look good in one shot… Here are our tips.

– I sleep a lot – both before and after the photoshoot. Before, so that I look my best, rested, glowing. After, because photoshoots drain me – and I always feel exhausted afterwards. So I plan accordingly.

– I used to do my own hair, until once I didn’t – and noticed such a difference. I know this seems so obvious… it’s as true as it may seem obvious!

– I always ask the photographer to view the pictures as they are being taken. That way if I don’t like how I look, I tweak something (the decor, my position, the light, my hair…) as the shoot is happening.


– Hire a professional makeup artist. Always. I have been working with the same makeup artist for a while, she understands my face, my features, my style. She enhances me but does not change me. I always want to recognize myself on photos. 

– Be patient and don’t overschedule yourself on the day of the photoshoot. It may take an hour, it may take three. Having an appointment a few minutes after the time the photographer told you he or she would be done is a bad idea.

– I always have a glass of champagne right before we start shooting! It loosens me up, but it’s not enough that I can’t focus and be professional.


– I pick outfits that I don’t usually wear, because the things that seem hard to wear for a “normal day” are easy to wear just in photos.  

– I put myself in a playful mood. It’s not always easy to smile on command, but I try to think about how lucky I am that someone is taking my photo.

– I love to document the “making of,” the behind the scenes part of the photoshoot. It’s great for social media, but it’s more than that. I look at those casual photos after the fact and figure out where there is room for improvement, so that I can be even better next time.


– Chin up and out! It may not feel right, but it always looks better.  

– I try to put myself in the photographer’s shoes and try to make his or her job easy. I imagine how Cindy Crawford would behave and try to model (no pun intended!) that professional behavior. 

– I wear my every day clothes (sorry Cyrille!) to feel as much myself as possible. I am not playing dress up, I am playing me. 

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