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Hollywood and Makeup Artist Love

Hollywood and Makeup Artist Love

Celebrity Endorsements

"I have really loved the tender sort of therapy that Alchimie's various creams and masks provide... I will no doubt be telling all the girls in the cast

Like all of Alchimie's beautiful products, this serum feels so smooth on my skin, with a silky texture, my skin loves it. I loved it so much I shared it with my makeup team from our show, it'll be a staple in all the girls makeup bags."

Necar Zedegan

Star of TV series 24, First Cut, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

"I think it's so important to take great care of my skin and a lot of people always ask me about my regimen! Truth be told, I keep it pretty simple. I like a consistent routine filled with high-quality products. And part of my routine is using this incredible Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask from Alchimie Forever.

This is a great mask for winter. It's creamy and cooling, and it immediately calms down irritated or windburned skin. Redness vanishes and your face looks and feels bright, soft, and supple. I love that it combines natural ingredients (oats, wild pansies, blueberries, grape extract, vitamin E) to soothe and repair my skin without harsh chemicals. It's even great for people with rosacea or sensitive skin, since it is ultra-calming and doesn't harden. I love to use this mask twice a week. So there you have it: one of my secrets to happy skin!"

Molly Sims

Model and Actress, as seen on OpenSky

"Your daily defense cream is essential on all my summer location shoots. I am super happy with the sunscreen as it's very hard to find eco friendly beauty sunscreen products and as I mentioned in the piece yours is packed with antioxidant healthy skin ingredients!"


Professional makeup artist

"Skincare is such an important part of the makeup application process. When I use Alchimie Forever moisturizers under a clients makeup, it calms, plumps, and perfectly hydrates the skin, creating a smooth canvas to work on."

Neil Scibelli

Celebrity & Fashion Makeup Artist

"I have done the Golden Globes, the Grammy's, VMAs, and a ton of press for celebrities using the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask. Not only does the mask feel soothing and amazing but it also tones down the redness and makes the skin GLOW! I usually don't need to use as much foundation or concealer. if you have a special occasion or event place the mask on your skin for at least ten minutes-remove, then have your skin glow for the rest of the night if not the week."

Wil Ralston

Celebrity Makeup Artist

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