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Mother and biomedical researcher, Dr. Barbara Polla holds a specialization in internal medicine, pneumology, immuno-allergy and anti-aging technologies. Her extensive work with heat shock (stress) proteins, the oxidant / antioxidant balance and iron chelation, published in 150+ peer-reviewed medical journals, is the foundation behind Alchimie Forever’s anti-aging formulations. She is inspired by the idea that beauty should be seen as an essential ritual instead of a chore, telling her four daughters that “looking good, means feeling good, means doing good.”


Dr. Polla’s medical studies in Geneva, Switzerland awarded her with a specialization in internal medicine, pneumology and immuno-allergy. After obtaining her MD, she moved to Boston MA to gain research experience at the Harvard School of Public Health. Upon her return to Geneva, in 1989, she became the Head of the Allergy Unit of the University Hospital of Canton Geneva. In addition, between 1994 and 2000, Dr. Polla headed the Respiratory Physiology Research Laboratory at Faculty Cochin, University Paris V, in France.


Her research soon positioned her as an expert on heat-shock/stress proteins, iron chelation and the oxidants/antioxidants balance. She became involved in Geneva politics in 1991 and served as national counselor for the Swiss House of Representatives from 1999 to 2003. That same year, Dr. Barbara Polla opened art gallery Analix Forever with her husband Dr. Luigi Polla, representing both established and emerging artists including Tracey Emin, Vanessa Beecroft, Mat Collishaw, Andrea Mastrovito and Maurizio Cattelan. Today, Dr. Barbara Polla’s colorful life experiences and knowledge of antioxidants play an intricate role in all of Alchimie Forever’s new product development and formulation advancements.


Dr. Barbara Polla’s 3 favorite products are 

Firming gel for neck and bust: This are of our bodies exudes femininity. Thanks to this product, things in that area still look great!

Kantic+ intensely nourishing cream: This cream makes my skin soft, flawless and smooth. I love massaging it in to my skin, and the blueberry aroma is delicious. It is a moment of pure pleasure!

Gentle cream cleanser: My favorite gesture. As no other cleanser is such a delight to my face, to my skin: a morning caress that awakes us like a rose and an evening caresse flavored with mallow... How would it be possible to fall asleep anymore without its cuddlesome feeling?



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